Let’s face it, you need help. Your friends and family really love you and they will be there to listen and support you, but they are not qualified to help you effectively. They are worried about you and really want you to get better. You clearly need help, and lucky for you, counseling is now easier that ever. You no longer have to set up an inconvenient appointment that barely fits your busy schedule. Breakthrough brings the help you need to your fingertips when you need it. You can contact a qualified mental health professional through the convenience of secure video, phone, email, and even chat!  In case you aren’t convinced by Breakthrough’s overview, here are 5 additional reasons why online therapy is for you…

Get Treatment Confidentially

You are not alone. One in four Americans suffer from a mental illness. Yet, you probably don’t want your co-workers or even your friends knowing about your personal problems. With online therapy, you can choose to get treatment in a private setting. This means, you can go home after work, turn on your computer and get treatment. You no longer have to worry about coming up with excuses to your co-workers or neighbors about why you have to leave work early every Tuesday at 3pm. Therapy is your personal business, and online therapy lets you keep it that way.

Convenience: Do it in your pajamas

You can now get treatment in your pajamas. In some cases, as with severe depression, it might be hard to get up, put on nice clothes, get into a car, and drive to therapy. In some cases, the therapist may be far away. Or if there is some city traffic, that can add more stress to your already vulnerable mental state. With online therapy, you will never be late for your appointment. All you have to do is turn on your computer, and you will get the help you need.

Save Money

Now, you don’t need to waste money on gas to get to your therapist. Also, many online therapists will charge less per session than an in-office visit due to the reduction of staffing costs. Online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy, so why not save money while getting better?

Personalized Treatment

In-person therapy is not for everyone. You may have a very embarrassing problem, and may not want to talk about it in person. Options such as chat and email therapy let you keep a distance from your therapist, so you are comfortable talking about everything. In therapy, one size does NOT fit all. Online therapy lets you personalize your treatment and give you the comfort level that you need to get better faster.

What are Your Alternatives?

It is 2:00am on a Thursday, and you can’t fall asleep because you’re thinking about your problems. What are your choices? Are you going to get some unhealthy food out of the fridge and binge? Maybe even have an alcoholic drink? Is that going to solve your problems? Absolutely NOT!  What you need to do in that situation is get help. Get a professional therapist to talk you through your problems. That is the best way to ensure that you are staying healthy and dealing with you problems most effectively.

So if you’re still not convinced, I want to leave you with one more thought. What’s the worst that can happen? You contact one of our  online therapists, talk about your problems, and spend a $20 co-pay. Now, what’s the best that can happen? You will put yourself on track to gain control of your life and make it better. With online therapy, there’s very little to loose and everything to gain!

Natasha Murashev is the author of PsychBlog, a digital magazine focused on applied psychology.

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