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After taking part in the 2nd Annual Virtual Conference on Counseling, I have an even greater appreciation for technology and how it can help in work with families.

The workshops that made up the conference were all available either through 2nd life or as a live stream on the internet.  One I attended that really caught my attention was Mediated Relationship Changes, by Katherine Herman and Courtney Holmes. Their presentation dealt with different aspects of family counseling and how it can be approached in new and dynamic ways via technology.

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Who are you really talking to? Is there really such a thing as confidentiality in online counseling?

This is a common concern for clients.  ‘If I send my information to someone on the internet, how do I really know how my information will be used?’

Well, do you wonder how your primary care physician will use your information? Or your dentist? Chances are that you probably give out the information without giving it a second thought.  We use the internet all the time for paying bills and making purchases- both tasks that involve divulging personal information.  How is online counseling any different?

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How can you determine if online counseling is right for you?

Online counseling has both benefits and disadvantages to the user.  But how can you even figure out if it might work for you?  There are a few factors to consider.  Online therapy is very similar to face-to-face (f2f) therapy is that it involves rapport building, communication skills, putting time into the therapeutic relationship, and paying for services.  So what do you need to consider if you want to start working with an online therapist?

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:
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