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In my last post, I discussed how online counseling may be an ideal approach to therapy for LGBTQ couples.  In this post, I will go into what options exist for treatment and how they would be used by a couple.

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You may not think of online counseling as a place for receiving couples counseling, but more and more, it is being seen as an option for many couples and can benefit both partners.

But what about the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning) population? Do they too receive the same benefit as heterosexual couples? In my practice, one of my specialties is providing therapy to LGBTQ couples.  Individuals will present to my office or online session with similar complaints – ‘I can’t find a therapist who understands what I’m going through.’  Issues related to gay marriage,  adoption challenges, or discrimination through several social and institutional levels are but a few area of concerns with LGBTQ couples.

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to update you on several of the projects that our team is enthusiastically working through.

A new design

We will be launching an entirely new website design early this summer that will make common features easier to access, improve readability, simplify workflows, and optimize pages for mobile devices (with mobile video sessions on our roadmap).

Here’s a sample screenshot!

browse screenshot

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