Hello everyone,

I wanted to update you on several of the projects that our team is enthusiastically working through.

A new design

We will be launching an entirely new website design early this summer that will make common features easier to access, improve readability, simplify workflows, and optimize pages for mobile devices (with mobile video sessions on our roadmap).

Here’s a sample screenshot!

browse screenshot

New features

We’ve been talking with many of you to understand what features you would like next. Some features that we’re launching soon include online payments, online insurance claims filing, and a custom clinical assessment for clients to track their progress. Please keep your feature requests coming!

More insurers and states

We’re having very productive conversations with several national insurers that are interested in making Breakthrough available to their members. We are also in the works of expanding Breakthrough to more states. We can’t say more just yet but adding more insurers and states are top priorities. It’s exciting to see how health insurers are finally starting to embrace telemedicine.

If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Toward good health,

Mark Goldenson
CEO, Breakthrough