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When we started Breakthrough, we were very curious why online therapy was not yet common. It seemed like such a good idea!

To understand more, we talked with the founders of several online therapy startups who came before us. We learned online therapy has had several barriers historically, such as limited research on its effectiveness, low adoption of broadband, and hard to use videoconferencing products.

However, each of these barriers has dropped significantly in recent years. We now believe the top reason that online therapy is not onlinetherapycommonplace is that it’s still a challenge to get online care reimbursed by insurance. Read the rest of this entry »


Bob Edwards Driver

“NGATAKI, New Zealand — Bob Edwards was born before the first Model T rolled out of Henry Ford’s factory in Detroit. He learned to drive in a French car that had a lever instead of a steering wheel. And he’s still on the road, only now in a red four-wheel-drive Mitsubishi.”

I came across this story and was touch by the life and vitality of Mr. Edwards. I imagined the thousands of roads he had traveled, the various landscapes he had viewed, and the many flat tires he must have changed along his journey.

I was struck by his tenacity, verve, and unwillingness to let the expectations of others hold him back.

There is much to be learned here …

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