Here at Breakthrough, we are constantly looking for ways to support communities who can most benefit from the telehealth services offered by our amazing network of providers.

With that in mind, when we discussed supporting the 2020 Mom Project in their effort to set forth an aggressive new path for solving what some have called one of the biggest public health concerns of our time: the silent maternal mental health crisis which impacts up to 20% of expecting and new moms (over 800,000 per year), we didn’t hesitate to say, “YES!”

We are proud to be the FIRST behavioral network adopter in the 2020 Mom Project.

On the heels of the recent tragedy in Washington D.C. when drove herself and her one year old into police barricades near the White House, the time to act is now.

In a recent interview, Joy Burkhard, Founder of the Coalition and the 2020 Mom Project, commented

2020MomProject-logo120“We are failing our mothers and families by not consistently screening, diagnosing and treating maternal mental health disorders. Millions are negatively impacted each year and we are working as fast as we can to change this.”

Because of a complicated set of long-standing barriers, expecting and new moms are not consistently screened for emotional problems and therefore not diagnosed and offered treatment, and consequently these moms and families largely suffer in silence.

Soon, the 2020 Mom Project will be sharing with the maternal mental health community and network that online Maternal Mental Health (MMH) counseling services are available via the Breakthrough network on both an insurance and self-pay basis.

We are proud to be a part of this movement and encourage you to share Breakthrough with any expecting or new moms who could use some support.